A/B Testing for Websites

What do you most understand about A/B testing? This is often referred to as split testing, a method that is used in marketing to compare results between two varying samples, along with the goal of improving response or conversion rates.

Considering web design, AB tests are applied to various test design elements, in that AB tests are sometimes against the previous design to be able to determine which amongst the design elements are more likely to get the best response from the visitors.

According to Brian Christian, in his article published in WIRED, in the past few decades AB testing has becoming apparent on web development. Seldom advertised, but it is a standard means through which the Silicon Valley has improved its line of online products. Through the use of AB testing, some of the most important ideas can be tested in a short time. Users are diverted to a different version on a web page, in that their behaviors are compared to the majority of users on the site. Once the newer version has proven to be superior as it gains longer more clicks, more purchases and longer visits, it will dispose the original. On the other hand, if the newer version has proven to be inferior, it is easily phased out that go unnoticed by most users. A/B testing allows subjective questions of varied design layout, image selection, text and color to be indisputable matters of social science.

Mr. Christian even pointed out that today, AB testing is everywhere, and that the odd consequence is people have the mere thought of the web as outdated. People often talk about Amazon screen or Google homepage, but then it is more appropriate to say that they have visited it.

He also came up with an interesting topic about AB testing for websites, one that killed the chance of a magazine to execute AB testing and the results after when it was done. The executive who have pushed the sudden change only refuses to take it further, falling sales brought finger-pointing to the staff that lost control over the situation. One of the staff members was suddenly fired, and the blame is there for the failure after the staff’s departure. Thus, the magazine had lost its track which resulted to bankruptcy. Industry rumors have claimed that the magazine plans to discontinue the process of printing only because of online presence. The lesson of using AB testing is often ignored, which has continued to a much dangerous level.

Apart from it, AB testing has ended more meetings where editors are involved. At the news site, for instance, they might have sat for nearly fifteen minutes deciding on the best phrase for a headline. Instead of doing this, they can just run on the proposed headlines and let the AB testing decide.

On the other hand, there are the key points that the experts in AB testing have agreed upon. It is important to test one thing at a certain time, to allow an ample time and to test new visitors and not the regular traffic. This cycle will often run for about a week, whilst it may take a month.

What else are you waiting for? Run your AB testing in one cycle to be able to get accurate numbers now!